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Program Description
Have you wondered how Google is able to create the 3D models that you use everyday when searching for a place in Google Earth? Now you can do it yourself using QGIS. This program will teach you how to process LiDAR and orthophotos to create 3D scenes of Mount St. Helens and St. Andrews, Scotland.

You will learn how to install Quantum GIS (QGIS) with plugins, perform vector and raster analysis. I will walk you through each stage using step-by-step lectures and imagery. This program uses datasets based on real-life circumstances using open-source QGIS software. You will learn the history behind Geographic Information Systems and how open-source (free) GIS software can be leveraged to help solve real world issues.

This program has been designed from the ground up for Apple MacOS QGIS users.

The in-class-demos demonstrate how to enhance, analyze, raster and vector datasets using open source GIS software including:

  • QGIS,
  • Orfeo Toolbox,
  • Whitebox Tools,
  • Blender, and
  • Blender GIS plugin.

Note: More courses and in-class-demos will be added, including the updated, Ottawa, Gatineau, GPS Survey, Photo Story (Coming Soon).
What is included
The HPI, Geomatics Applied Learning Program includes,

  1. Humans for Peace Institution Edition (Datasets, Documents, MacOS Software, Video Demos and in-class-online training).

Students attending online classes will gain hands on training and support from an experienced GIS instructor using Zoom.

Each course has several in-class-demos.
Course Information
Quantum GIS Introduction
Introduction Lecture (You will learn, the history of GIS, how to download, install, configure QGIS, and associated plugins using MacOS)

  1. Coordinate Systems In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to initiate a QGIS project, re-project vector feature datasets from one coordinate system to another using the vector re-project tool and style the re-projected layers using the style tool.);
  2. Georeferencing and Rectification In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to georeference a scanned paper map of Alberta using the Georeferencer tool in QGIS.) and
  3. Layout In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to create a final layout for your map and publish it to industry standard formats, Print, Image, Geo-PDF).

Remote Sensing
Introduction Lecture

  1. Image Enhancement and Analysis In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to enhance and analyze Landsat 8 datasets by performing pan-sharpening, projecting, clipping, NDVI and Tasseled Cap Transformation operations of Hunga Tonga Volcano and Tonga Islands);
  2. Supervised Classification of Wanut Trees, Vinay, France, In-Class-Demo (You will learn learn how to use supervised classification ML/AI algorithms to classify Walnut Trees in and around Vinay, France using Landsat 8 datasets);
  3. Terrain Analysis of Mount St. Helens In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to perform a terrain analysis using orthophoto and point file datasets to create a 3D digital surface model of Mount St. Helens) and
  4. Sea Level Rise Analysis of St. Andrews, Scotland, In-Class-Demo (You will learn how to perform a 2, 4, 6, 8.5 and 10m sea level rise analysis of St. Andrews, Scotland, using LiDAR point file datasets).

Humans for Peace Institution, Geomatics Applied Learning Program
September 6 2022, 3:30pm

Arabic and French translations for lectures and in-class-demos are Coming Soon.
To learn more about the Humans for Peace Institution, please visit https://www.humanspeace.org/en.

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GoGeomatics Canada, GeoTech Training
Remote Sensing Applications in QGIS Course
Fall 2022 (Coming Soon)

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HPI, Geomatics Applied Learning Program
All software (MacOS, Parallels and Windows not included), datasets and documents are included.

Quantum GIS Introduction Course - $400.00
Remote Sensing Course - $400.00
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Ottawa, Ontario

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